Outlier Removal using Z-score or IQR

Outlier Removal, Row Removal
pip install outlier-aniket==0.7


# Library for removing outliers from pandas dataframe


PROJECT 2, UCS633 - Data Analysis and Visualization

Aniket Gupta COE3 Roll number: 101703069


Takes two inputs - filename of input csv, intended filename of output csv.

Output is the number of rows removed from the input dataset. It also shows new dataset in case of IQR.

## Installation

` pip install outlier_aniket `

## Use via command line


outliers_cli in.csv out.csv

outliers_cli in.csv out.csv 1.5


First argument after outcli is the input csv filename from which the dataset is extracted. The second argument is for storing the final dataset after processing.

## Use in .py script


from outlier_aniket import remove_outliers_iqr

remove_outliers('input.csv', 'output.csv')



from outlier_aniket import remove_outliers

remove_outliers('input.csv', 'output.csv',threshold)