link-shortening website and database system

database, database-sqlite, flask, yourls, yourls-database
pip install ovipositor==2018.8.14.1819



Flask link-shortening service and database system


  • name by Ellis Kay


Ovipositor is a link-shortener web program. A long URL is entered, together with an optional shortlink and an optional comment. When creating a shortlink, the long URL and the shortlink are saved to a database. When an attempt is made to use a shortlink, the specified shortlink is searched for in the database and, if the shortlink is in the database, there is a redirect to its corresponding long URL.


sudo apt install sqlite
sudo pip install ovipositor


while true; do
    ovipositor --home="index.html"


sudo gunicorn --workers=1 "ovipositor.__init__:WSGI(argv=['--home=index.html'])" --bind= --certfile=/home/user/certificates/fullchain.pem --keyfile=/home/user/certificates/privkey.pem

ovipositor database structure

There is one table in an ovipositor database called "shortlinks". This table has 6 fields:

field description
comment shortlink descriptive comment
count shortlink usage count
IP IP address that created the shortlink
URL long URL to which the shortlink corresponds
shortlink shortlink text
timestamp shortlink creation timestamp

changing from YOURLS to ovipositor

An export dump should be made of the YOURLS MySQL database and the dump should be converted to an SQLite3 database. This can be done using mysql2sqlite.

The YOURLS SQLite database then can be converted to an ovipositor database using the script --help \
    --database_YOURLD=linkdb.db                          \

The YOURLS database contains three tables, "yourls_url", "sqlite_sequence" and "yourls_options". These tables have the following fields:

  • yourls_url
    • clicks
    • ip
    • keyword
    • timestamp
    • title
    • url
  • sqlite_sequence
    • name
    • seq
  • yourls_options
    • option_id
    • option_name
    • option_value

In changing from YOURLS to ovipositor, the following database table and field conversions are made:

YOURLS ovipositor
yourls_url shortlinks
clicks count
ip IP
keyword shortlink
url URL
timestamp (datetime.datetime) timestamp (datetime.datetime)
title comment