Set of tools for utilizing Przelewy24 API

pip install p24==0.4



Set of tools for utilizing Przelewy24 API.

The package contains p24 module, which provides functions and constants for operating on Przelewy24 API. It is based on the official documentation. The code was tested on Python 3.4 but it should work on any 3.x version. Its only requirement is the requests package.

Please note that p24 is just a thin wrapper around the API and it does not validate any of the input data.


pip install p24


Please read the code, as it's clear enough and the API is very simple.

Further development

I wrote p24 because I need it in my private projects, therefore it will be fixed/extended only if I find it necessary. However if you are using this package and you found a bug or you would like to see it updated or extended, please let me know (or create a pull request).