Tools for Planet Four data analysis.

pip install p4tools==0.8.0


Planet Four Tools

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Tools for Planet Four data reduction and analysis.


conda install -c michaelaye planetfour-catalog
pip install p4tools


  • Provides access to the Planet Four catalog data (see Install instructions):
from p4tools import io
fans = io.get_fan_catalog()
blotches = io.get_blotch_catalog()
tile_coords = io.get_tile_coordinates()
tile_urls = io.get_tile_urls()
metadata = io.get_metadata()  # data for the HiRISE images used
region_names = io.get_region_names()  # informal region identifiers for observation IDs

These functions will use the intake library to download the data via the links provided inside the planetfour-catalog data. For read performance, the data is then being stored in your local storage folder that is being asked for at the first use of the io module of p4tools. These paths are being stored in $HOME/.p4tools.ini.

  • Enables plotting of catalog data on top of the HiRISE image tile that was used during marking


To update p4tools do

pip install -U p4tools

To update the catalog, first you need to get new download links by doing

conda update -c michaelaye planetfour-catalog

and after that, because p4tools caches the catalog items, you need to provide the parameter update=True when using the access functions, like so:

from p4tools import io
fans = io.get_fan_catalog(update=True)

which will trigger a new download.


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the forked michaelaye/cookiecutter-pypackage-conda project template.