A Community Tool for Transiting Exoplanet Science with the JWST & HST

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pip install pandexo.engine==1.5.3


Getting Started

Tools to help the community with planning exoplanet observations.

PandExo is both an online tool and a python package for generating instrument simulations of JWST’s NIRSpec, NIRCam, NIRISS and NIRCam and HST WFC3. It uses throughput calculations from STScI’s Exposure Time Calculator, Pandeia: Pandeia + Exoplanets = PandExo. This documentation contains information on how to download, install and analyze PandExo output.

Should I install PandExo or use the online interface?

Install if...

  • I will be using PandExo for more than 10 runs
  • I want to submit bash runs
  • I want to use the online GUI but don't want to be subject to any slow downs because of high user frequency
  • I want to be able to use plotting functions to analyze my output

Install EVEN if...

  • I am scared of Python

Do not install if...

  • I will only be using PandExo fewer than 10 times