A pandoc filter that adds latex extensions.

pandoc latex extensions filter
pip install pandoc-latex-extensions==0.2.1


pandoc-xnos 2.0.1

The pandoc-xnos filter suite provides facilities for cross-referencing in markdown documents processed by pandoc. Individual filters are maintained in separate projects. They are:

Click on the above links to access documentation for each filter. LaTeX/pdf, html, and epub output have native support. Native support for docx output is a work in progress.

This project provides library code for the suite and a pandoc-xnos filter that applies all of the above filters in sequence.

See also: pandoc-comments, pandoc-latex-extensions


  1. Installation
  2. Usage
  3. Getting Help


Pandoc-xnos requires python, a programming language that comes pre-installed on macOS and linux. It is easily installed on Windows -- see here. Either python 2.7 or 3.x will do.

The pandoc-xnos filter suite may be installed using the shell command

pip install pandoc-fignos pandoc-eqnos pandoc-tablenos \
            pandoc-secnos --user

and upgraded by appending --upgrade to the above command.

Pip is a program that downloads and installs software from the Python Package Index, PyPI. It normally comes installed with a python distribution.2

Instructions for installing from source are given in


The pandoc-xnos filter suite may be applied using the

--filter pandoc-xnos

option with pandoc. It is also possible to apply the filters individually.

Any use of --filter pandoc-citeproc or --bibliography=FILE should come after the pandoc-xnos filter call.

Getting Help

If you have any difficulties with pandoc-xnos, or would like to see a new feature, then please submit a report to our Issues tracker.