A QtQuick-based nested sampling visualisation tool.

anesthetic, gui, nestcheck, nested-sampling, qt
pip install paranestamol==0.0.13



A graphical front-end for anesthetic, designed to allow more efficient observation of what goes on in a nested sampling run. As this is a thin wrapper around anesthetic, it supports all of the sampling formats supported by anesthetic, and only those formats.

The main benefit over using the anesthetic.gui() in your scripts is the improved responsiveness of the graphical user interface, and the ability to overlay multiple nested sampling plots on top of each other. There are certain creature comforts included too, like the ability to alter the colours and display names of the sampling runs. Additionally, an indexed filter is added to conveniently sort through the parameters found in the runs.


Base version

python3 -m pip install paranestamol

Devel version

git clone
cd paranestamol


paranestamol is a graphical application written in QtQuick using PySide2 (for now). It can be used standalone, or be passed a command-line (positional) argument containing the file root, or any of the files belonging to the raw output of your chosen nested sampler, e.g. PolyChord

python3 -m paranestamol [file_root] 

Planned features

  • Integration with nestcheck

  • Ability to save the plot(s) to a file

  • Ability to save and recall the opened nested sampling runs.

  • Ability to define new parameters, and alter the LaTeX representation of the older ones.

  • Separate log-likelihood sliders for each data-series.

  • Memory-efficient implementation of the alteration-related repaints. Right now paranestamol caches entire figures.