List of dragonfly grammars to write programs in python

pip install parseltongue==0.2.0



This module contains set of grammars which can be used write programs in Python 3.x.

This module was specifically written for Parseltongue Editor (download here) by it can also be used with any text editor.

To write Python programs using voice with Parseltongue commands you will need the following:

  1. Dragon Naturally Speaking
  2. Python 2.7 or above (To run parseltongue modules)
  3. Python 3.x (To execute programs written using Parseltongue)
  4. Natlink 4.2 (with Vocola and Unimacro)
  5. WxPython 2.8*
  6. PyWin32 build 218*

*Specified versions are used during the testing

Parseltongue Bundle contains all the specified programs mentioned above.

Parseltongue Editor and Parseltongue Bundle can be download from our official website:

Parseltongue Documentation: View