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pip install personal-capital-plus==0.3


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Personal Capital + Python = Pipelined personal finance

Use your existing Personal Capital login credentials to pull the JSON data directly, allowing you to perform any custom analyses you wish to. The API calls can be found by viewing the HTTP calls the browser makes after login.

This library pulls the data into a Mongo database to enable local analysis. See


Documentation can be found at the github pages here


personal-capital-plus is tested to work under Python 3.x. See the requirements via the following command:

cat requirements.txt


personal-capital-plus is currently available on the PyPi's repository and you can install it via pip:

pip install -U personal-capital-plus

If you prefer, you can clone it and run the file. Use the following commands to get a copy from GitHub and install all dependencies:

git clone
cd personal-capital-plus
pip install .

Or install using pip and GitHub:

pip install -U git+

Now, to avoid a 2FA prompt each run, set the following environment variables:

export PEW_EMAIL=<your_personal_capital_email>
export PEW_PASSWORD=<your_personal_capital_password>

With the environment defined, give it a whirl:

# only available if you've installed it
pc_api update

# otherwise, use this
PYTHONPATH=${PYTHONPATH:-}:${PWD} python personalcapital/tools/ update

Local Testing

make test

Travis Testing

The Makefile, .travis.yml file and .ci directory contain the structure necessary to have Travis test the repository upon all branch updates. Some additional steps, however, are needed:

  • Enable the repository to be monitored by Travis via your Travis profile.
  • Generate a Github app token, and assign it to the (private) environment variable ${GITHUB_TOKEN} in the Travis environment.