Packaging helper for preparing the contents of an OPKG file containing a web interface for enigma2 devices.Also generates contents for github pages.

enigma2, python
pip install pert-belly-hack==1.3.2



pert_belly_hack is yet another web interface for Enigma2 based set-top boxes. It is a developer friendly fork of OpenWebif pursuing a different set of goals.

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Umbrella (OPKG reposiory)

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Outdated Browser UI

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  • Create a Developer Friendly Web Interface for Enigma2 based set-top boxes.
    • Clean Python Code (hopefully PEP 8 compliant some day)
    • Clean and Valid ECMAScript Code
    • Unit Tests and Documentation
    • Separation of Code and Representation
  • Provide RESTful API and access to EPG event datasets, timers, recorded audio/video (dubbed movie elsewhere) items
  • Support for multitier architecture, reverse proxies and client side rendering
  • A Modern Web UI Implementation


git clone --recursive -j4 --depth 1


It is recommended that one installs pert belly hack packages using the github hosted OPKG repository.

Import OPKG repository / IPKG feed

Create or download pert_belly_hack.conf:

# Remotely logged in via SSH to enigma2 device

wget -q \
-O /etc/opkg/pert_belly_hack.conf                                   # import repository

Manual Installation after importing OPKG feed

opkg update                                                         # update list of available packages
opkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-openwebif                     # remove OpenWebif
opkg install pert-belly-hack-backend                                # upgrade or install package (backend)
opkg install pert-belly-hack-frontend-crap                          # upgrade or install package (frontend)
init 4                                                              # graceful enigma2 shutdown
sleep 1                                                             # wait a bit
init 3                                                              # start enigma2 again

Online Documentation

The Online Documentation for the backend is available at

Dropped OpenWebif Features

Some features of the original plugin have been removed:

  • TLS/SSL support
  • package management
  • "mobile" version
  • bouquet editor
  • support for shellinaboxd
  • support for lcd4linux web portions
  • image files of enigma devices
  • themes
  • image files and HTML maps of remotes