Utility functions for the Pineapple IPython/Jupyter front-end

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pip install pineapple==0.4



This project is a Python module that defines some utility functions for the Pineapple IPython/Jupyter front-end.

The goal is to standardize notebooks so that notebook authors can have a consistent and easy way for readers to reproduce their exact results with the least amount of hassle.


After importing the module, within IPython notebooks you get magic functions %pip, %require, and %runtest.

The %pip command lets you easily use the pip command directly to manage installed packages.

The %require command shows all installed packages with versions if called with no arguments. If called with arguments, it will attempt to install the requested packages. Arguments are version specifiers, separated by spaces.

The %runtest command takes any number of test case or test suite classes descended from unittest.TestCase or unittest.TestSuite and runs them in the cell. It should also be compatible with unittest2.

import pineapple

%pip install numpy

%pip list

%require numpy==1.9.2

%require numpy==1.9.2 ipython==4.0.0


%runtest MyTesterClass