A library for creating pitaya backend servers using python

pip install pitayaserver==0.3.0


[WIP] pitaya-server


The original Pitaya project supports building pitaya servers in Go. This project aims to provide the same functionality, however aimed towards other programming languages. Currently, however, the supported languages are C++ and C#.

Note: This library is still in early stage, meaning the there might be several bugs. Also, the API is not stable.

About the components of the project

  • cpp-lib: the C++ core library.
  • pitaya-sharp: this is a solution with multiple C# projects. The main one is NPitaya, a library that wraps the native C++ library and provides a conveninent interface for writing pitaya servers in C#.
  • python-lib: this a python lib that wraps the shared library methods, you can include it in python projects to create python pitaya servers
  • go-server: thats an example server for using with the other components, you can run it with make run-go-server
  • unity-example: this is an unity example that uses NPitaya. For running it you must place (or link) out/libpitaya_cluster.dylib into Assets/Plugins folder


Language Project Location
C++ cpp-lib
C# pitaya-sharp