Steps for web testing using selenium and planterbox

testing, test, bdd, lettuce, cucumber, gherkin, nosetests, nose2, webdriver, selenium
pip install planterbox-webdriver==0.5.0



A suite of steps for planterbox for web testing with Selenium


  1. Install planterbox and planterbox-webdriver: pip install planterbox planterbox-webdriver
  2. Add a unittest.cfg to your project that enables planterbox:
plugins = planterbox

always-on = True

3. Create a package containing your tests; its defines the steps you will have available in your .feature files. This package must be detected by nose2 as containing tests; see nose2's docs for details.

  1. Add a "before" hook that sets up a webdriver for your tests:
@hook('before', 'feature')
def create_webdriver(test):
    from selenium import webdriver
    test.browser = webdriver.Firefox()
  1. from planterbox_webdriver.webdriver import * if you want steps that let you find elements in your tests with XPath
  2. from planterbox_webdriver.css_selector_steps import * for steps that let you find elements in your tests with jQuery-style CSS selectors
  3. Add a .feature file in this package containing tests specified using Gherkin. planterbox will turn these into appropriate test case objects and give them to nose to run.
  4. Run your tests: nose2