GUI for matplotlib graphing

gui, matplotlib, plotting, python
pip install plopy==1.6.7



A program for making data plotting with matplotlib easily customizable in a GUI.


  • Intelligent data file parsing

    • Automatically skips over headers (or any line that cannot be converted to float or datetime)
    • Supports many date formats in input automatically using dateutil.parser
    • Works with comma-separated and/or whitespace-separated input files
  • Graph configuration: line style, color, points, legend

  • Dialogs to create multiple axes and assign lines to them

  • Supports all output formats supported by matplotlib (.png, .jpg, .pdf ... )


After installing Python 3, run the command pip install plopy

You can also try it online on, but that loads slowly and is not recommended for normal use.


To open the GUI, run the command python -m plopy, or also preselect files by appending their paths to the command (python -m plopy data.csv log.txt ... ).

plopy can also be controlled from a script. Use plopy.add_file and plopy.add_array, then call plopy.start()

If you're already accustomed to matplotlib, or want to convert pre-existing programs, you can import plopy.fig and to plot on, and call plopy.start() when done. This method also works in combination with the previous one.

See the docs for more examples.