Usage examples for plotnine

pip install plotnine-examples==0.0.4


plotnine examples

This repository contains examples in the form of jupyter notebooks that are also part of the plotnine documentation.

Rebase Notice: When the repository gets large and the will be reduced by deleting the history.


  1. Clone repository or pull in latest changes

    git clone


    cd plotnine-examples
    git pull
  2. Create a notebook or edit an existing notebook. The name of the notebook should match the object. e.g if examples are for geom_tile the name should be geom_tile.ipynb.

  3. Execute the notebook once, top to bottom OR preferably if you can (Linux/OSX) run make changes from the command line.

  4. Add your github username and/or name to contributors.txt (sorted according to the username) and commit.

  5. Commit

  6. Push

    git push
  1. Submit Pull Request

How to structure a notebook

The plotnine gallery consists of images extracted from the examples. For this to happen, each example in the file should have a ### Title (h3 header) that serves as the title of the example. It should be followed by a *Short Description* (emphasis) directly beneath. The last image of each of these sections in is selected and put in the gallery. Avoid creating # or ## sections.

See geom_tile.ipynb