French system for Plover

plover, plover_plugin, stenotypie, stenography, french-steno, grandjean, plugin
pip install plover-grandjean==0.0.1


Grandjean French system

French stenography ("Grandjean system") for Plover.

This plugin is the successor of what Aziz Yemloul made years ago and allows French stenotypists to use the latest version of Plover. The signs used to represent the keys are those of the most common proprietary transcription software in France for greater comfort when importing dictionaries.


This plugin has not been released on PyPI yet, so locally installing from source is currently the only option.

Work in progress

The dictionaries are currently empty. I am working on a lexicon that would form a basic core of French words.

Side note

I have also made a French version of the keyboard layout that can be use with Plover's Layout display plugin.