Plover plugin to capture input from the xtest keyboard.

plover, plover_plugin, plover-plugins
pip install plover-xtest-input==0.0.1



Capture input from the xtest keyboard.

Only on systems that uses X. Would be useful to use Plover from other machines from a remote control program (TeamViewer, for example) if it uses xtest keyboard to send key presses.

Note: must not be used together with the default output method (which uses xtest to simulate key presses. That will create an infinite loop).

Alternative output methods include plover-uinput-output (works better, but does not support full Unicode), and plover-unused-xtest-output (doesn't work as well, especially with keyboard shortcuts)

For testing, xdotool can be used.


When the plugin is installed, two additional machines are listed, XTEST keyboard and XTEST serial keyboard.

  • XTEST keyboard captures the key up/key down events like from a normal keyboard.

  • XTEST serial keyboard captures the key presses events from the XTEST keyboard, then decode it to a chord using some algorithm (see the source code for details).

    This was implemented to use Plover over TeamViewer/Dotterel. To use it, you should download Dotterel (some version that includes this commit. You may need to build it from source), disable all the dictionaries and only keep the SerialEncoding dictionary, then use it normally.