a package manager to install packages in your app

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pip install plugget==0.1.14


Plugget: Plugin Package Manager

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Install app packages (plugins, addons, ...) with a single Python command using Plugget.
Or 1-click install plugins in Blender, Maya, Max, Substance, ... with Plugget Qt

import plugget


also check out
🔹 Plugget Qt
Plugget Qt Unreal plugin
Plugget Qt Blender addon (more features)
Plugget Blender addon (simple)
🔹 plugget manifest repo
🔹 plugget-qt-maya-plugin A Maya plugin that launches the Plugget Qt UI window


  • pip installed
  • git installed (aim to auto handle requirements in future)

not to confuse with

  • PluGeth The extensible Geth fork, ethereum, golang
  • pluGET A package manager to update minecraft server plugin & software

package manager comparison

PyPi installs only packaged python modules. Plugget supports other languages, e.g. Maxscript, and links to unpackaged repos.

WinGet, chocolatey, etc. install apps, Plugget installs plugins for apps.

manifest repo


If the install fails. It likely is a bad manifest, a bad install, or a bug with Plugget. Report the issue in issues. There's a small chance the GitHub servers are down, you can check the github status.


If this tool is helpfull, you can ⭐ star it on the github page, just click the ⭐ star button in the top-right of this page.