lightweight python plugin system supporting config inheritance

pip install pluginmgr==1.0.1



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lightweight python plugin system supporting config inheritance

To use

There is a full example at

Create the manager, for example in a module file

import pluginmgr

# this is the namespace string that import uses
namespace = 'pluginmgr_test.plugins'

# directories to look in, string or list of strings
searchpath = 'path/to/search/in'

# determines if this should create a blank loader to import through. This
# should be enabled if there isn't a real module path for the namespace and
# disabled for sharing the namespace with static modules
# default is False
create_loader = False

plugin = pluginmgr.PluginManager(namespace, searchpath, create_loader)

Create and register a plugin, note the filename needs to be the same as registered name

from pluginmgr_test import plugin

# register a plugin named mod0
class Mod0(pluginmgr.PluginBase):

See the dict containing all registered plugins

from pluginmgr_test import plugin

# dict of all registered plugins