A small package for handling process models given as lists with their own row number and the row number of previous activityReturning a Petri Net for Process Mining / Conformance Checks

pip install pn4pm-nano==


Welcome to Petrinets 4 Process Mining

handling Process Lists with a simple small package V0.0.6.2


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Author Information


The purpose of this package is it to offer an easy way to create a petrinet, you can use for process mining, without having a full PNML file. All you need is a simple list of your process steps, the number of your step and the number of all Previous Steps.

This is just the first Version of the Package. I will try to develop more possible outputs when i got time.


The package offers the following classes:

  • Petrinet(labels,[places, transitions, edges, inc_gateways, exc_gateways, parall_gateways])
    • output([tablename])
    • cel_out([tablename])

Usage / Examples

It's very easy to use the package. Just import the package

create your activity list with an activity, position of the activity, all direct previous activity ranges

call the Petrinet function with your list and create your outputs

from pn4pm_nano import petrinets as pn

list = [['Activity1',0,[-1]],['Activity2',1,[0]],['A....']]

petriobject = pn.Petrinet(list) print(petriobject.out()) print(petriobject.cel_out()) print(petrionject.cel_out("YourActivityTable"))

For silencing the activities just give an empty string as name

['',0,[-1]] In this case a transition is created but not returned in the frontend

Other Stuff / Last Words

If you have some issues with the package or ideas what functionalities could be added, feel free to contact me.

Changes to Last Version

  • internal fixes and optimization for gateway calculations [] -> [0.0.6]
  • multiple changes on the calculations - enabled the handling of loops [0.0.5 -]
  • Added the handling of duplicated activities in the petrinet Input [0.0.4 - 0.0.5]
  • Added Handling of 'Silent' Activitys and Bug Fix in the cel_out() function [ -> 0.0.4]
  • Bug Fix in function cel_out() [ ->]
  • Bug Fix after calling the class Petrinet the second time [0.0.1 -> 0.0.3]

License Information

This Project is using the MIT License