Poetry workspace plugin for Python monorepos.

pip install poetry-workspaces==0.1.0



Poetry workspace plugin for Python monorepos. Inspired by Yarn Workspaces.

Adds a new subcommand group, poetry workspace, which is used to create, manage and inspect nested Python projects.

# Create a new python project at the specified path, tracked in the current project
poetry workspace new libs/my-library

# Add an existing python project to the current project's workspaces
poetry workspace add libs/my-existing-library

# List the current workspaces
poetry workspace list

# Run a command in every workspace:
poetry workspace run command

# Run a command in specified workspaces:
poetry workspace run --targets=my-library,my-existing-library -- command

# List dependees of a particular workspace (from among the list of workspaces).
poetry workspace dependees my-library

# Unlink a workspace from the current project
poetry remove workspace my-library

# Unlink and delete a workspace from the current project
poetry remove workspace my-library --delete

Common patterns

Testing affected workspaces

After making a change to a workspace, you can run tests for all affected workspaces like so:

poetry workspace run --targets=$(poetry workspace dependees --csv my-library) -- pytest tests/

Planned commands

The following are currently possible e.g via poetry workspace run poetry build, but this would be more succint:

# Build or publish all workspaces:
poetry workspace build
poetry workspace publish

# Build specified workspaces:
poetry workspace --targets=my-library build

# Publish specified workspaces:
poetry workspace --targets=my-library publish

Metadata regarding workspaces is stored under tool.poetry.workspaces:

workspaces = {
    my-library = "libs/my-library"


This project is not currently packaged and so must be installed manually.

Clone the project with the following command:

git clone https://github.com/jacksmith15/poetry-workspace-plugin.git


Install dependencies:

pyenv shell 3.9.4  # Or other 3.9.x
pre-commit install  # Configure commit hooks
poetry install  # Install Python dependencies

Run tests:

poetry run inv verify


This project is distributed under the MIT license.