PMV thermal comfort map for Pollination.

honeybee, ladybug-tools, thermal, comfort, pmv
pip install pollination-pmv-comfort-map==0.3.1


PMV Comfort Map

PMV thermal comfort map recipe for Pollination.

Compute spatially-resolved operative temperature and PMV thermal comfort from a Honeybee model and EPW. This recipe can also (optionally) compute Standard Effective Temperature (SET). Raw results are written into a results/ folder and include CSV matrices of hourly temperatures, thermal conditions and PMV. Processed metrics of Thermal Comfort Percent (TCP) can be found in the metrics/ folder.


This recipe uses EnergyPlus to obtain longwave radiant temperatures and indoor air temperatures. The outdoor air temperature and air speed are taken directly from the EPW. A Radiance-based enhanced 2-phase method is used for all shortwave MRT calculations, which includes an accurate direct sun calculation using precise solar positions. The energy properties of the model geometry are what determine the outcome of the simulation and the model's SensorGrids are what determine where the comfort mapping occurs.

To determine Thermal Comfort Percent (TCP), the occupancy schedules of the energy model are used. Any hour of the occupancy schedule that is 0.1 or greater will be considered occupied. All hours of the outdoor are considered occupied.