FOSS additive manufacturing control software targeted at research Users (Polymer/Paste/BioPrinting)

3D, Printing, Additive, Manufacturing
pip install polychemprint3==3.0.1a88


# PolyChemPrint3 Free and Open Source 3D Printer control software targeted at Research Users (Polymer/Paste/BioPrinting) Written in/for Python 3.3+ (but may work on others)

This software was initially written by Bijal Patel from 2017-2019 as an object-oriented cross-platform tool and successor to PolyPrint, a Perl script.

Within our lab (Diao Group at the University of Illinois we have succesfully used it to print solutions for organic semiconductors/conductors, polymer photonics, hydrogels, chocolate, etc.

The software is written to be convenient for researchers with features like automatic data logging, parameterized shapes, and convenient macros.

Please cite the following papers if you make use of this software in your research! > [Paper Submitted] >