Generate ordinal dates

pip install poshdate==0.3.0



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Poshdate is a python package that creates ordinal dates from python datetime and date objects:

1st June 2021

23rd May 1990

It is extremely lightweight having no dependencies.

Getting Started


Poshdate can be installed using pip

python -m pip install poshdate

It is recommended to use a virtual environment for your project.


Poshdate requries the standard library datetime package.

from datetime import datetime
import poshdate

example_date = datetime(2021, 4, 21)
print(poshdate.from_datetime(example_date)) # 21st April 2021

Another date module ??

Intended Audience

Poshdate provides a human readable date in the ordinal format. This is intended to be of use in report and document generation where an approximation of a handwritten style of date is seen as nicer and a bit classier than the standard output.

In other words

21st January 2020 looks better on the page than 21 January 2020 or 21/01/2020

What about existing packages ?

The python standard library datetime module provides many useful string formatting options via the .strftime() method. However, it does not provide an option to create ordinal style dates out of the box.

There are several other packages that do provide functionality to create ordinal style dates.

However, these provide a lot of extra functionality that may well be beyond the needs of a user requiring a simple ordinal style date, in addition to having several additional dependencies.