Postal code areas

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pip install postalcodeareas-fi==0.1



This package provides Finnish postal code area boundary coordinates and area center coordinates packaged into Python dictionaries. Additionally, there are some utilities to convert the data to KML or geojson.

The data when fetched and built is about 15MB so you may want to instead store it into a database though.


Install from PyPI. Alternatively, check out the source, cd into the directory having the flit.ini file and run:

flit install

Building the data

Check out the source, cd to directory containing the module, and run it:

python --help

Then use the (re)builder script as instructed. To use data from the Google Fusion table created by Duukkis, you should get an API key from Google as well. To use data provided by Statistics Finland, using the Paavo API, no api key is needed.

Using the data

After building the data, just do:

from import areas, centers