This is very usual todo-list

pip install potatotodo==1.1.4


Build Status

Hello, we are potato team!


we develop potatotodo (this is todo_list !)
todo_list's function : todo what?, set a category, Set a period and done?

we develop for who can use console
but if you can't use console don't worry we prepared --help

How to download

first you nead python(version>=3.6)

second you have to download pip (python install pip)

third you have to download click (pip install click)

fourth you have to download colorama (pip install colorama)

finally just download! (pip install potatotodo)

If you prepare all but you can't download please type this -> pip3 install potatotodo

How to upgrade

just typing -> (pip install —upgrade potatotodo)
if do not work, please type -> (pip uninstall potatotodo)


  • potato : Show Main Page & Introduction.
  • potato --help : Show help.
    You can also use with show and remove command, like potato show --help.
  • potato make : Make a new plan. Questions for additional input will appear.
  • potato show : Print all your plans.
  • potato show --pg [number] : Print the page of which you entered.

  • potato show --cat: Show All categories and print category that only you want to find.

  • potato show --uf : Print your unfinished plans.

  • potato show --f : Print your finished plans.

  • potato remove [index]: Remove your plan that index number is [number].
  • potato remove --all : Remove all your plans.

  • potato modify [number] : Modify your plan that index number is [number].
  • potato find [text] : Find your plan that includes [text].
  • potato detail [number] : Show details of plan that index number is [number].

If you need more information please comment here or refer to !



Hyunjun Lee , Kim Yejun , Lee je shin , lee hye jin , Kim tae O