Watches prices on amazon product pages

pip install price-watcher==1.1.0


Price Watcher

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This repo is a script I wrote to help watch a product page on amazon. Basically waiting to see if the product drops below a certain price.

The following will check the page and text the number 2025550112 if it finds a price < $1000

price_watcher B01FV4TAKK 1000 2025550112

the intended use of this script is as something you would throw into a cron task (or an aws lambda function like I did) and let it watch a page for you


Simply setup a virtualenv and install the requirements and install the source formatting githook

virtualenv -p python3 venv
pip install -r requirements.txt
pre-commit install

Running the tests

source venv/bin/activate
python -m pytest tests

Running the code formatter

source venv/bin/activate
black .

Known Issues

I wrote this for one very specific product. It works for others (specifically ones that have a Offer Listing) but I have not had a need yet so I have not seen how robust the scrape is.

I'm down for talking about improvements if people see this and are interested. But I mostly wrote this to watch this one product for my wife. It started as a simple script but then I was having fun writing it in a somewhat maintainable way