Protocol buffers library for Python 3

pip install protobuf3==0.2.1



Info: Protocol buffers library for Python 3
Author: Sergey Petrov (Pr0Ger) <>
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Initial idea of this project was lack of support Python 3 in original Protocol buffers implementation. Currently Google working on this, but currently there is no easy way to use it with Python 3.


You should install protobuf compiler. On OS X you can do it with command

brew install protobuf

Install this library with

pip install protobuf3

Then you can generate files in similar way like in original protobuf:

protoc --python3_out=gen foo.proto


I use YouTrack for my projects, so this is a place where you can find issues related to this project. Unfortunately, free YouTrack instance has accounts limit, so I can't open registration on it.


The easiest way to run the tests is to install nose (easy_install nose) and run nosetests or python test in the root of the distribution. Tests are located in the test/ directory.

But good way is using tox for launching tests for all supported python versions. If you too lazy for installing required Python versions you can use Vagrant for bootstraping test environment by launching vagrant up in the root of this distribution. Then login to created VM by using vagrant ssh. Finally, run tests by launching cd protobuf3 && tox