Sync code with a remote server in real time

pip install protosync==



Protosync syncs code seamlessly between your local development repo and a remote server.

No more repeated git commits or long rsync commands just to test code out on the server.


pip install protosync

Quick Start

In your remote directory, open a new terminal and enter:

protosync dest

Protosync will then print a command like this:

protosync source m0X1a-km0C6mCzWkl56xO0-hUQvYrhL0q5I5lK5qZgU=

Run this command in your local source directory.

And that's it!

You local code will now be synced to the remote server.
Just enter the same command whenever you want to sync again.

Note: you'll need to keep the remote terminal running for the sync to work.


  • Protosync uses your .gitignore to automatically ignore unnecessary files.
  • Protosync ignores files larger than 5Mb to prevent syncing of unwanted binaries.
  • Protosync uses end-to-end encryption when syncing your files. The server cannot decrypt your data.