Implementation of push-swap (42-school project) on python with GUI.

42, push_swap, push-swap, 21, push-swap-visu, pyviz
pip install push-swap-gui==1.1



Implementation of push-swap (42-school project) on python with GUI.


  • Be welcome to use my project, install, clone and fork it!
  • If you find a bug, please, create new issue (or contact with me in any way you want) to report about it! I will be glad to fix it! If you find a mistake in my spelling (because I'm from Russia, and English is not my native language), please notify me too!
  • If you clone/fork this app and realise some new feature, you may create pull request! I am definitely interested in this!
  • Also, I will be happy if you follow me, or star this project, ecpecially if you find it usefull, or use my code!
  • For all questions be welcome to contact me in any way you want 👋

Here is my mail: elijahkash.code@gmail.com

How to use:


This is a simple python3 package already added to PyPI. Therefore, to use you do not need to "clone" it from github. Just open terminal and run:

> pip3 install push_swap_gui

If you have just started at school42 and have never encountered python and have difficulty installing the application, visit this page: https://github.com/elijahkash/push_swap_gui/wiki/FAQ_for_beginners


Now you can run this application from any directory, and in two ways:

  • > python3 -m push_swap_gui
  • > push_swap_gui


You also may import push_swap_gui as a module. In this case, you can:

  • push_swap_gui.PushSwapGUI(master) : create a window with app in tkinter item, transmitted as master
  • push_swap_gui.push_swap(src_data) : this func get iterable with source data, and return list with comands (push-swap solve)


>>> import push_swap_gui
>>> a = [1, -1, 3, 7, 2, 9, 12]
>>> push_swap_gui.push_swap(a)
['pb', 'ra', 'ra', 'ra', 'pb', 'ra', 'ra', 'ra', 'pa', 'pa', 'rra']


> pip3 uninstall push_swap_gui


  • See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).


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