PyLogs is a easy to use python library to let everyone add logs into their python programs easily.

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pip install py-logs==2.1.2



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PyLogs is a python library made by Krypton so that it is easier for everyone to add logs into their python projects.

Getting Started

By following the incoming instructions, you will be able to get PyLogs into any of your projects.


To be able to use PyLogs you will need:


  • Open your command prompt or terminal and install PyLogs with the following command

For only the current user:

pip install --user py-logs

For all the computer users:

pip install py-logs
  • To start using PyLogs you need to import pylogs
import pylogs

print(pylogs.__name__ + ", Version " + pylogs.__version__)
print("Made by " + pylogs.__author__)
  • To create new logs you will need to use, for example, the PyLogs.critical() method
import pylogs

print(pylogs.__name__ + ", Version " + pylogs.__version__)
print("Made by " + pylogs.__author__ + "\n\n")

# Prints Critical Error Message With Color
pylogs.critical("Critical Error Message", True)
# Prints Critical Error Message Without Color
pylogs.critical("Critical Error Message", False)

# Prints Warning Message With Color
pylogs.warning("Warning Message", True)
# Prints Warning Message Without Color
pylogs.warning("Warning Message", False)

If you still do not understand after following these steps, there is an example file called

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Bugs & TODOs

The list of known bugs of PyLogs is available here.

The TODO list of PyLogs is available here.


Before submitting any issues, make sure to read the known bugs file.

Submit your issues that you encounter while installing and using PyLogs here.


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This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License - see the file for details.