Python3 module for interaction with Parsehub API

pip install py-parsehub==0.1



Python3 ParseHub module

What is ParseHub?

ParseHub is a service providing automated webscraping. You design a template using their Mozilla plugin and then access it through a REST API. Results can be retrieved in both JSON and CSV (coming soon) format. The templates are pretty flexible and use machine-learning to grasp complex hierarchies.

You can extract data from anywhere. ParseHub works with single-page apps, multi-page apps and just about any other modern web technology. ParseHub can handle Javascript, AJAX, cookies, sessions and redirects. You can easily fill in forms, loop through dropdowns, login to websites, click on interactive maps and even deal with infinite scrolling.

see ParseHub homepage


  • python3 (3.2.3 tested)
  • urllib3 ($ pip3 install urllib3)



>>> from ph2 import ParseHub  
>>> ph = ParseHub('<redacted API-key>')  

Get all projects

>>> print(ph.projects)
[<PhProject 'Project1' token 'tCWOS3cB-ZM8qtShXw6j8tyOHZ84hLik'>, <PhProject 'Project2' token 'tfs9Gv10cixnCtrk0iz0-u62r7lSdNt8'>]

Run a given project

>>> p1 = ph.projects[0]
>>> r1 =

Is data available for download?

>>> r1.check_available()

Get data if available

>>> r1.get_data()
[{'link': '', 'title': '123Greetings'}, {'link': '', 'title': 'Welcome to 123-reg Webmail | Webmail log in | 123-reg'}.....]

A blocking request for data

>>> r2 =
>>> r2.get_data_sync()
[{'link': '', 'title': '123Greetings'}, {'link': '', 'title': 'Welcome to 123-reg Webmail | Webmail log in | 123-reg'}.....]

Cancel a running job

>>> r3 =
>>> r3.cancel()

Or delete it alltogether

>>> r3.delete()

Get array of runs of a project

>>> p1.get_runs()
[<PhRun object token:tbcBSs9i7WHWtx3nqXW7vwp9>, ....]

You can specify offset to leave out the last x runs

>>> p1.get_runs(5)
[<PhRun object token:tbcBSs9i7WHWtx3nqXW7vwp9>, ....]

Projects hold reference to their last completed run...

>>> p1.last_ready_run
<PhRun object token:tCNPbuLm7wd-Aqmb9WHHZMV0>

...and the last run no matter what its status is

>>> p1.last_run.status

Runs can be compared based on their md5sum to detect changes between runs

>>> p1.get_runs()[0] == p1.get_runs()[1]

Both runs and projects can have their attributes easily printed printed for debugging

>>> p1.last_run.pprint()
data : [...]
data_ready : 1
end_time : 2015-04-13T15:30:10
md5sum : 51b246040a0ee389dd5eb6bb46e1b06b
pages : 1
ph : <ParseHub object API key:'<redacted>'>
project_token : tCWOS3cB-ZM8qtShXw6j8tyOHZ84hLik
run_token : tCNPbuLm7wd-Aqmb9WHHZMV0
start_time : 2015-04-13T15:30:03
start_url :
start_value : {}
status : complete


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