A package to programmatically query a twitter user on BotSentinel

pip install py3botsentinel==0.0.1



PyBotSentinel is an API wrapper for BotSentinel. It's simple in functionality as at this point, it only provides you a rating, and the description of what that rating means to BotSentinel.


This requires Python 3.6 and above, and was built on Python 3.8. It requires requests, ScraPy


I recommend you install this via pip3 (PyPi)

$ pip3 install pybotsentinel

Getting Started and Finished

import pybotsentinel
query = pybotsentinel.PyBotSentinel()

rating = query.get_bot_rating('realdonaldtrump')
>>> rating
[True, 30, 'Moderate', 'Our analysis has concluded realdonaldtrump exhibits moderate tweet activity and is not a trollbot account.']


If you end up getting an occasional 403 while querying, it's most likely due to a race condition as a result of making the GET request to the page to get the one-time-key for BotSentinel's backend API, the next key generates before the POST call is made, the POST call to the API is made, and the API returns a JSON object of {'success': False, 'bot_rating': 'INCORRECT_DATA'} with a HTTP status code code of 403. If a subsequent query is made for the same user, it will succeed and return the user's bot rating.