Speech analysis tool

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pip install pySpeechAlien==2.1



Speech analysis tool coded in Python - modified version of Shahabks/my-voice-analysis.

pySpeechAlien can analyze .wav audio files to determine gender, mood, speech rate, pronunciation probability score, etc.

Running pySpeechAlien

To get this tool up and running on your local machine, follow the below instructions. pySpeechAlien should work with both Python 2.7+ and Python 3, but if you have issues, please create an issue, and I'll promptly help you out.

Install pySpeechAlien using pip.

>>> pip install pySpeechAlien

Upgrade to the latest version using pip.

>>> pip install -U pySpeechAlien

Download myspsolution.praat and run_speech_alien.py, and move them to the folder containing your .wav audio files.

Look below to see how to run run_speech_alien.py.

>>> python run_speech_alien.py -h

Type python run_speech_alien.py, followed by one of these tags and the name of a .wav audio file, to get your desired output.
[EXAMPLE INPUT] python run_speech_alien.py -speech_rate alien.wav

You can also analyze multiple audio files. [EXAMPLE INPUT] python run_speech_alien.py -speech_rate alien.wav human.wav

     -h                     Get list of commands for pySpeechAlien
     -full                  Run full analysis
     -gender                Determine gender
     -mood                  Determine mood
     -syllables             Determine number of syllables
     -pauses                Determine number of pauses
     -total_duration        Determine total duration (seconds)
     -speaking_duration     Determine duration of actual speaking (seconds)
     -silent_duration       Determine duration of silence (seconds)
     -speech_rate           Determine speech rate (number of syllables / seconds of speaking duration)
     -pause_rate            Determine pause rate (number of pauses / seconds of silent duration)
     -speaking_to_total     Determine ratio of speaking duration to total duration
     -pronunciation         Determine pronunciation probability score