A Python library for interfacing with the Alveo API

alveo hcsvlab python library
pip install pyalveo==1.1



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A Python library for interfacing with the Alveo API.

Alveo is a Virtual Laboratory platform to support research on Human Communication. It stores large collections of audio, video and textual data representing language use and provides an API to search and retrieve data and metadata. This Python library is one way that Alveo integrates tools for processing data to support repeatable research.


PyAlveo comprises the pyalveo module and its dependencies, which provides object-oriented access to the Alveo API, with the following features:

  • A Client class with full API coverage
  • API-aware classes representing Alveo items, Item Lists, and documents, with sensibly overloaded operators
  • Seamless (but configurable) local caching of item metadata and document content
  • Comprehensive epydoc documentation