Markov chain (chat) bot for a suite for modern services (discord, irc, twitter, mastodon, file, linein)

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pip install pyborg==1.4.0b5


Pyborg is a markov chain bot for many protocols (Discord, IRC, Twitter, etc.) that generates replies based on messages and it's database.

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We're on the cheeseshop! Yay!

pip install pyborg

If you want the latest version from git you'll need to install the project with poetry in the source directory.

Early test/beta releases can be found via:

pip install --pre pyborg

Note that we're using Python 3.6+ (for fancy type declarations).

Python 2 support was dropped with the release of pyborg 2.0.

There are several extras: "nlp", "systemd", "subtitles", "graphing". Some extras may be rather experimental like "graphing" at time of writing.

e.g. pip install pyborg[nlp]

Basic Usage

pyborg is our new unified pyborg command line interface.


Docs can be found on RTD.


Pyborg is skipping version 1.3; this was used for a transitory database/"brain" restructuring that was underwhelming.

Ancient original tarballs were hosted at Gna! which is now gone. Thankfully Internet Archive has a copy!

Pyborg was originally developed by Tom Morton and Sébastien Dailly.

Suggested NLTK data

Pyborg can use nltk tagging and tokenizing when installed and configured. Tagging requires averaged_perceptron_tagger and tokenization requires punkt. This needs the nlp extra.