easily interact with clipboard from Python fork from pyclip

pip install pyclip-copycat==1.0



PyClip wraps the xclip command-line program on Linux and the pbcopy and pbpaste programs on Mac OS X and the clip and paste on Windows to provide an easy python interface to the system clipboard. To install the library, download the code and run sudo python install. You can then use the library like so

import clipboard

# copy some text to the clipboard
clipboard.copy('blah blah blah')

# get the text currently held in the clipboard
text = clipboard.paste()

# helpful wrapper that passes pasted text through the csv module
# useful for dealing with data copied from spreadsheets
data = clipboard.paste_table()

Note: If you are using this on Linux, make sure you have the xclip program installed.

PyClip is release under an MIT license, reproduced in LICENSE.