Simple code generation tool with support for multiple types of inputs

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pip install pycodegen==0.0.1


PyCodegen Build Status

Pycodegen is a tool to help you generate code in your project using powerful Jinja2 templates.

To get started:

python3 install

# Run cli

# Run cli using module
python3 -m pycodegen.cli
Frontend Description
cpp Parses C/C++ using libclang
json Passes a JSON file directly to the driver

How it works

  1. The requested frontend reads the input file and generates an intermediate representation.
  2. The representation is passed to the driver
  3. Driver does any processing required of the representation.
  4. Driver selects the output filename and template to be used and render the output file.

Example usage

# Generate the simple JSON example
pycodegen json examples/simple/input_file.json --driver examples/simple/ --debug

# Get intermediate representation of a C++ file (to aid in driver development)
pycodegen cpp <name-of-file.cpp> --dump-json