A library for fetching live cricket scores from cricbuzz

cricket, cricbuzz, api, cricket-app, python
pip install pycricbuzz==2.4


Cricbuzz for Python

A Pythonic interface to cricbuzz, with options to get live scores, live commentary and scorecards.

For detailed explaination with output, visit pycricbuzz blog


pip install pycricbuzz


  • Get information upcoming, live and recently concluded matches
    • series name
    • match status
    • venue
    • toss
    • match official
    • squads
  • Get mini scorecards for live matches
    • Batsman currently batting along with their scores,runs,fours,sixes etc.
    • Bowlers currently bowling along with their wickets,overs,maidens etc.
    • Summary of all the innings
    • Last three overs events
    • Current patnership and run rate
  • Commentary for live matches
  • Scorecard for live and past matches

Basic Usage

Import the pycricbuzz library.

from pycricbuzz import Cricbuzz
c = Cricbuzz()

Get all the matches(live,upcoming and recently finished matches)

print c.matches()

Each match will have an attribute 'id'. Use this 'id' to get matchinfo, scorecard, brief score and commentary of matches.

Get information about a match

print c.matchinfo(match['id'])

Get brief score of a match

print c.livescore(match['id'])

Get scorecard of a match

print c.scorecard(match['id'])

Get commentary of a match

print c.commentary(match['id'])