Python environment comparison tool.

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pip install pyenvdiff==0.3.0


PyEnvDiff Documentation Status

Python environment comparison tool. Maximized for compatibility between versions 2.6 to 3.8, pypy, operating systems, distributions, and forks! Virtualenv, pyenv, pyvenv, conda and system!

via Command-Line

From the command line, to get information on the current environment:

python -m

Serialize the information to a file...

python -m my_environment.json

Switch to another environment (you'll need pyenvdiff installed in both)

python -m my_environment.json

Or compare two from any environment

python -m my_environment.json my_other_environment.json

via Hub-Based Compare

An HTTP-based service comes with pyenvdiff, all without dependencies (thanks to a copy of bottle). It stores environment information in RAM, for as long as it runs. This service should be considered alpha-stage.

To launch the built-in hub (server):

python -m pyenvdiff.hub

Then navigate in your browser to the URL it gives you to see the menu of available options. Before you send information about other environments on the same machine, your options will be limited to just viewing the server's environment.

Samples of the Hub Landing Page and the Environment Information Page illustrate the features.

From one or more other environments run:

python -m pyenvdiff.post_to_hub

A URL will be displayed to view environment information from any machine on the same network.

Navigate back to the base URL, you'll see more options to compare the two environments.

A Sample of the Environment Diff Page illustrate what the diff can do (if `ghdiff` is installed for the hub).

Programmatic Usage

>>> from pyenvdiff import Environment

>>> e = Environment()
>>> e.to_file('my_env.json')

>>> o = Environment.from_file('other_env.json')

>>> e == o

>>> print(e)
... # prints a dump of the environment details

>>> from pyenvdiff import EnvironmentDiff
>>> ed = EnvironmentDiff(e, o)
>>> print(ed)
... # prints a diff of the two environments

Sooo much room for activities!

  • Compare dev, test & prod!
  • Works on my machine, strange it doesn't work on yours
  • Confirming deployments
  • Auditing user desktops, servers, research environments & ecosystems
  • Filing (or requesting) bug reports


There are no mandatory, nor automatically installing, dependencies. There are optional dependencies which increase.

pip install pyenvdiff

OR just copy & paste pyenvdiff anywhere on PYTHONPATH

There is one optional dependency. The core functionality doesn't use it. It's only needed for pretty HTML-based comparisons via the web.

pip install ghdiff

Under the hood

  • Robust and organized object model collects and serializes environment information.
  • Zero dependency, pure-python, harmless install! Simply pip install pyenvdiff or copy anywhere on PYTHONPATH.
  • As-needed import statements, to maximize compatibility across python flavours.
  • Favours compatible python-code over succinct or newer-style python-code
  • Free software: BSD license
  • Documentation:


This package was started with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.