access public transport information in hamburg, germany.

pip install pygti==0.7.0


HVV Geofox Python Library

Code style: black Hamburg Open Issues Release GTI version: 37.4


This library is a python wrapper for accessing the geofox api. This api is used to get information about the public transport in Hamburg, Germany.

How to get the api credentials

You have to apply for credentials via the HVV website. You can see their official guide here (the page is only available in German).

They will send you a contract you will have to sign and send back. After about a week, you will receive your api credentials.


This library uses the same data types and parameters as specified in the GTI documentation. It features client side validation of the parameters.

See the examples on how to use the library at, and see the GTI documentation for parameters.


  • 1. init
  • 2. checkName
  • 3. getRoute
  • 4. departureList
  • 5. getTariff
  • 6. departureCourse
  • 7. listStations
  • 8. listLines
  • 9. getAnnouncements
  • 10. getIndividualRoute
  • 11. getVehicleMap
  • 12. getTrackCoordinates
  • 13. checkPostalCode
  • 14. getStationInformation
  • 15. tariffZoneNeighbours
  • 16. ticketList

Contributions are welcome!

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