Dotfile management and synchronisation tool

pip install pyhome==0.1.0



A dotfile management and synchronisation tool.

This is a simple python utility with similar functionality to the functionality of the homesick ruby utility, providing a simple interface for managing dotfiles via git repositories.

This tool was born out of frustration at attempting to use ruby gems on HPC systems, where I did not have administrative rights. On such systems, which are often not the bleeding edge of ruby version, getting gems to work has proved extremely difficult. Installation of a new ruby version with associated rubygem was possible sometimes, but not often enough.


This tool replicates the most basic functionalities of homesick, namely

  1. Cloning git repositories to the appropriate location
  2. Pulling repositories
  3. Automatic creation of symbolic links to dotfiles in repos


Code is written to be compatible with both Python 2.6+ and 3.x, and deliberately avoids using any modules outside the standard library, so that it works out-of-the-box on any system with a reasonably modern Python interpreter installed.