Hystrix brought to Python

pip install pyhystrix==0.0.2



A library to patch requests package in order to add following functionalities by default:

  • Connection and Read timeouts
  • Retries on connection failure
  • Circuitbreaking
  • Adding unique x-request-id in request header if not provided

NOTE:: 0.0.2 supports python2.7 and >= 0.0.3 supports python3 only.


pip3 install pyhystrix


Before making any request, just call Init():

import requests
import pyhystrix
requests.get("http://abc.xyx") // No functionalities of pyhystrix
requests.get("http://abc.xyx") // pyhystrix is attached to all requests

Default Configurations can be changed in 2 ways:

  1. Setting following env variables:

    • PHY_CONNECT_TIMEOUT : connection timeout in sec
    • PHY_READ_TIMEOUT: read timeout in seconds
    • PHY_MAX_RETRIES: max number of retries for connection failure
    • PHY_CIRCUIT_FAIL_THRESHOLD: Number of failed requests after which circuit will be open and further requests on the same url will not be allowed.
    • PHY_CIRCUIT_ALIVE_THRESHOLD: Number of failed requests on open circuit to make it half_open (Described below)
    • PHY_CIRCUIT_DELAY: Number of seconds after which open circuit will be half_open.
  2. parameters in request itself:

    • max_tries(int): overrides PHY_MAX_RETRIES, some rules related to it are follows:
      • max_tries=0: will cause no retries, fail on first failure.
      • If a positive value is passed for non GET requests, they will be retried too in case received status is in status_forcelist.
    • status_forcelist: list of http status, retry if the returned status is one of these. default is [500] on GET.
    • timeout: same as timeout in requests
    • backoff_factor: delay in each retry will be affected by this using following formula: {backoff factor} * (2 ^ ({number of total retries} - 1)). Default = 0.5sec

More Examples

  • GET with retry on multiple failure status codes:
import requests
import pyhystrix
request.get("", status_forcelist=[501, 502, 403])
  • put with retry on response status = 500 or 501
request.put("", max_tries=3, status_forcelist=[500, 502])

NOTE: All type of requests will be retried in case of ConnectionError

Circuit Breaker States

  1. OPEN : No requests will be allowed
  2. HALF_OPEN : Only one request will be allowed
  3. CLOSE : All requests will be allowed.

NOTE : State transitions:


To know more about circuit breaker pattern, click here