India's states and cities

pip install pyindia==1.1.5


India package


Version 1.1.5


Installation Using pip

pip install pyindia

Running Tests

python -m unittest discover -s tests


This repository makes it easy to access metadata of states and union territories of India.

>>> import india
>>> india.states.AR
OUT: <State: Arunachal Pradesh>

You can also lookup whether your input is state or not.

>>> import india
>>> india.states.lookup('arunachal pradesh')
OUT: <State: Arunachal Pradesh>

New release enables you to access districts/cities across india with several attributes

>>> import india
>>> india.cities.KA_BLR
OUT: <City: Bangalore>

Lookup for cities

>>> import india
>>> india.cities.lookup('Bangalore')
OUT: <City: Bangalore>

Check whether the city is capital

>>> import india
>>> india.cities.lookup('Bangalore').iscapital()
OUT: True


Attributes of state object       # name of the state    # returns the capital of that state
state.population # returns the population of the state
state.area       # returns the area of state in km^2
state.density    # returns population density per km^2 of state
state.language   # primary official language of the state

Attributes of Cities object       # name of the city
city.state      # returns the state of city
city.population # returns the population of the city
city.area       # returns the area of the district
city.density    # returns population density per km^2 of the city
city.url        # returns official webpage of the city

Release Notes

  • Added cities of india with there attributes and states they belong to.
  • Added attributes to state objects including population, area and language.
  • Added cities string access.
  • Added states string access.
  • Added uts string access.
  • Added Jammu and Kashmir and Ladhakh as Union territories.