A CLI tool for solving Kattis problems with python.

cli, kattis, python
pip install pykattis==0.0.3



A CLI tool for solving Kattis problems with python.


pip install pykattis


To create a solution for a problem, run:

pykattis create {problem_id}

where problem_id is the Kattis problem ID. This creates the directory problems/{problem_id} in the current working directory with the files, an file, and downloads the sample input-anwer pairs to a samples.json file.

The is where you will be writing the solution to the problem. Inside it is a function solve(input_: str) -> str:, which you will fill out with your program as you see fit. This function is called by the commands kattis run and kattis test.

To simply run the program as a script, run:

pykattis run {problem_id}

and to test it on the sample input-answer pairs defined in samples.json, run:

pykattis test {problem_id}

To upload the solution to Kattis, you can submit the problem's file through Kattis's web form. However, this is a temporary solution. In a future version, you will be able to publish your solution to Kattis directly through pykattis.

If you, for some reason, just want to download a problem's samples, you can run:

pykattis download_samples {problem_id}

It is recommended to use a VCS, like git, to keep track of your solutions. Do not publish them publicly though, since it makes it easier for others to cheat, and could mark you for plagiarism due to others copying your code.