A Python API for Escape From Tarkov

pip install pykov-eft==0.0.5


Work In Progress

This is an API, written in Python, for Escape From Tarkov based on dank's work:

The main goal of this API is to provide simple and concise methods for retrieving various information from the Escape From Tarkov REST API in Python. Most methods will return a Python dictionary with requested information.


Login with two-factor authentication is supported, but the user will need to manually enter the authentication code when prompted. Captcha bypass is possible thanks to Cosmos3904

Notes For Captcha: To bypass the Captcha you will need to download ChromeDriver first and then add it to your system's path

Features so far include:

  • Automatic version updating upon launch, with functions to update as needed
  • Retrieval of information like items, traders, and profiles
  • Easy to use JSON in Python's dictionary format

Pip Package

There is currently a pip package available using pip install pykov-eft. Please note that the package may not be as up-to-date as this repository.

Requires Flask and selenium.


A basic example is included under, along with the example_get_all_items.txt file that it produces. More example usage will be provided in the future.


This project is not affiliated to BattleState Games or Escape From Tarkov in any way.