The Python Lightweight Web Framework

pip install pylw==0.1.12



Python Lightweight Web framework

#Build Status Build Status

This is intended to be a simple web framework that I will be reusing for other projects. This is not a CMS, but I will be building some kind of blogging/CMS on top of this software.

It supports WSGI. Unlike some frameworks, WSGI is the primary interface here.

This code borrows ideas and examples from other places, such as falconframework. I recommend you check out that framework as it's probably better than this one, at least for now. My other suggestion is to use flask.


The motivation behind this project is to demystify what is happening in the framework you are running. Sometimes, I find myself in what I like to call "Object Oriented Hell". I spend far too much time tracing through source to figure out where objects are being initialized, how objects are being passed around, and how my response is actually getting sent.


See for an example on how to use this software.

#Known issues Too many to list.

Error handling is very primitive.

Need to limit how much post body data we read. Need to parse form data that is posted. Would be nice to parse the query string for the user.