Load, analyze, and visualize Map Manager files

pip install pymapmanager==0.1.3


PyMapManager is an ecosystem of tools to load and visualize time-series annotations and 3D image volumes. For a complete overview, see the main PyMapManager documentation.

1) PyMapManager Python package Build Status

Install from PyPi PyPI version

pip install PyMapManager

Open a Map Manager time-series (map)

from pymapmanager import mmMap
path = 'PyMapManager/examples/exampleMaps/rr30a'
myMap = mmMap(path)

See the examples/ folder for Jupyter notebooks with more examples.

Please see the API Documentation and a backup copy here.

2) Map Manager web server

A web server to browse and share Map Manager annotations and time-series images. In addition to the point-and-click interface, there is also a REST API to programmatically retrieve data.

To see this in action, check out our example server.

Running the server is easy with either Python or Docker, see the server installation for more information.


The server includes web based browsing and plotting of Map Manager annotations.

... and browsing of 3D image volume time-series with annotations.

PyQt interface -- DEPRECIATED

Note: We have downgraded development of the PyQt interface to focus on the web client/server version of Map Manager.

The next generation desktop application version of Map Manager. Written in Python using the Qt interface library and using the PyMapManager Python package as an back-end. This project will be merged with PyQt TiffViewer created by Chris Micek. The PyQt GUI interface is in PyQtMapManager/

This screen shot shows the main PyQt interface window (left), a map plot (top center), a stack plot (top right), and a stack image plot (bottom right).

Run the qt interface

cd PyMapManager/interface