A Python wrapper for the Stib-Mivb opendata API

pip install pyodstibmivb==0.9.3



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A Python wrapper for the Opendata API of Stib-Mivb public transport of brussels. Based on pyRail.

Made because the API that pystibmivb uses will be deprecated.

You need to get a key from and subscribe to the api's here.

The api-key has an expiration time and you can use a private key to request a new one, but that just looks overcomplicated. Set the expiration date to several years and you should be good to go. If you're willing to add code for this you can make a pull request.

There is no convienent way to get a stop id from a name, so for convenience sake you can find stops and route info in the gtfs folder as of 2019-06-03. This information shouldn't change to often for newer information see the Stib-Mivb Opendata website on how to download them or get it from OpenMobilityData.