Pure Python module to hyphenate text

hyphenation, python
pip install pyphen==0.12.0


Pyphen is a pure Python module to hyphenate text using existing Hunspell hyphenation dictionaries.

This module is a fork of python-hyphenator, written by Wilbert Berendsen.

Many dictionaries are included in pyphen, they come from the LibreOffice git repository and are distributed under GPL, LGPL and/or MPL. Dictionaries are not modified in this repository. See the dictionaries and LibreOffice's repository for more details.


Pyphen has been created and developed by Kozea (https://kozea.fr). Professional support, maintenance and community management is provided by CourtBouillon (https://www.courtbouillon.org).

Copyrights are retained by their contributors, no copyright assignment is required to contribute to Pyphen. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion is licensed under GPL 2.0+/LGPL 2.1+/MPL 1.1, without any additional terms or conditions. For full authorship information, see the version control history.